5 Fun Pool Games to End the Summer

pool-gamesWith Labor Day around the corner, the summer is sadly coming to a close. But every year the summer ends with a bang, and that bang is Labor Day Weekend. To fully take advantage of the 3-day weekend, take time to enjoy backyard fun, BBQs & use the opportunity to cool off in your swimming pool. Here are 5 fun pool games for the whole family:

1. Cannon Ball Contest
We’re starting the list with a classic- the cannon ball. A panel of judges would be selected to determine the best cannon ball. Contestants would line up at the edge the pool, and the judges would ask each contestant to perform their best cannon ball, one at a time. Fun prizes could be used for “Best Cannon Ball,” “Most Creative Cannon Ball,” or even “Smallest Cannon Ball.” Capture the fun with mid-air pictures!
*To ensure safety of all participating in the contest, always make sure to have supervision. Remember to only jump in the appropriate area of the pool.

2. Water Relay
An aquatic version of a relay race, water relay will require the players to choose a partner and gather at one end of the pool. The referee for the race will call out the task. For example, each team will swim to the opposite end of the pool holding hands. The team who is the first to get to the other side wins that round. Make it fun and get creative in coming up with task ideas!

3. Water Balloon Toss
For this fun pool game, you will need a bucket of water balloons. Players would be separated in to two teams. Each team would go to opposite ends of the pool. One team would be chosen to start, and using a water balloon, a team member would toss the balloon to a member on the opposite team. The teams would continue to toss the water balloon until it pops. The team who breaks the balloon will earn a point. The team with the most points, loses.

4. Raft Race
Each player will need their own floatie, raft or inner tube. Players would line up at the end of the pool. The referee would blow a whistle or wave a flag and let race begin! Players need to paddle, kick, or propel themselves to the other end of the pool. Pool noodles can be used as paddles for an extra twist!

5. F-I-S-H
A slippery twist to the landlubber game of H-O-R-S-E, F-I-S-H can be played with or without the poolside basketball hoop. First, members of the group would decide on an order of players. With the poolside hoop, the first player would choose a distance, position or style to make the basketball shot. Players 2, 3, 4 etc would have to make the same shot in same way the first player did. The player who was not able to make the shot would earn an F. The next player would choose their own way to make the shot, and the rest of the players would follow. For every shot missed, a letter is earned. As each person earns F-I-S-H, they are disqualified from the game until the last man (or fish) is standing. This game can also be played without a hoop. Instead of different ways to throw the ball in to the hoop, the players would come up with their own “pool trick.” Handstands, cannon balls, diving for objects could all be examples of tasks to perform to avoid earning a letter.

Get out there and enjoy these fun pool games this Labor Day weekend!