Have Children Glued to Electronics?

Your inground pool could be the cure

In today’s world, children are growing up with an abundance of electronics to keep them occuppied. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, hand-held gaming systems and other devices are only an arm’s length away at any time and going outside seems like an exotic trip. In an electronics-driven world, a typical backyard pool with water features is unlikely to compete with the entertainment value of nearly limitless electronic and gaming options. A pool may be fun for a short time, but after a while it can feel like “just getting wet”.

If you’re a parent, you’re probably concerned about the health impact this trend is having on your children. According to WebMD, the obesity rate of children in America has now reached one in every five children and the sedentary nature of spending time with electronics is likely a culprit. Because other activities don’t seem as appealing, many children all over of the world are choosing to play with an electronic device instead of going outside for a physical activity.

So how can we compete? Well, water parks have a large appeal due to their variety of water features and activities they have available. Waterfalls, slides, rides, interactive games and tunnels are a few of the attractions that make water parks fun. So why not bring the water park to your own backyard? If you currently have a pool, a water slide or rock cannonball platform are some of the upgrades that can be easily added to your existing pool at a reasonable cost. This small change can make a big difference in the entertainment value and fun of your pool.

If you’re building a new pool, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Water slides of today are not like those of the past. Many of today’s backyard water slides are smaller versions of the same water slides used in water parks all over the world. Today, water slides for home pools combine water flow with gravity to increase the thrill on every ride down.

This writer can attest that your backyard fun-area will become a magnet for your kids and grandkids with a water slide. When we installed our water slide, the number of our children’s friends coming over to swim increased substantially. When our grandchildren found out we installed a water slide, a trip to the grandparents’ house was greatly anticipated. Family and friends continue to drop in and enjoy the water slide and cannonball platform that have greatly increased the “fun factor” in our backyard environment.

If you’re interested in adding thrill and excitement to your pool, visit us online at surfsidepools.net.