As Hurricane Irma Approaches

As Hurricane Irma approaches, many of our customers have been asking about the steps they need to take to protect their inground pool in a storm, so here are some tips from the FSPA:

Do not drain your pool

Keeping sufficient water levels in your pool provides the important weight to hold the sides and bottom in place, especially when heavy rains that accompany most storms raise the local water table. Pools which have been emptied may experience serious subsidence problems and could even be lifted off their foundation.

Electrical Systems

It is important that all electric power be turned off at the circuit breakers before the storm hits. Any exposed electrical equipment such as motors for the pumps should be tightly covered with plastic wrap. If flooding is expected they may be disconnected and removed.

Water level

If your pool is properly equipped with adequate drains and skimmers and the surrounding area is properly drained, the water level can probably be left as it is. Each pool is different and will have different requirements.

Decking and Screens

Some damage to the frame of your enclosed screen structure may be avoided if you provide a “vent” for wind to scale through. Panels in screens may be removed on either side of the pool area. Doors, which are especially vulnerable, might be removed completely.

Pool Furniture

Don’t throw your pool furniture into the pool, keyword being ‚ “throw”. Never throw or drop anything into a pool that could damage the pool finish. It is best to remove any and all loose objects such as chairs, tables, pool equipment, and even toys which can become dangerous projectiles in high winds. If you cannot store them inside a building, carefully and gently placing them in the pool will help shield them from the winds, although this is not recommended.

Stay safe everyone!