Pool Care Tips for the 4th and All Summer


With all the activity during this Fourth of July holiday and the extremely hot weather we’ve been having lately in the Jacksonville area, your pool will probably see plenty of use. All of this pool fun can put a strain on your equipment and make it challenging to keep your inground pool in top shape for the rest of the summer. Here are some tips from Aqua Magazine that will help to ensure that your pool water is clear and enjoyable throughout the rest of the summer and beyond.

1) Check Your Equipment

At times of heavy use it’s always best to get ahead of the curve by checking your equipment or having your pool servicer come in to take a look. Make sure you circulation system is working properly and clean the filter if necessary. Also, check all skimmer suction baskets and the pump basket to make sure they are free of debris such as leaves or pine needles.

2) Check the Sanitizer

The increased heat and pool usage at this time of year means the chlorine in your swimming pool will be used up much faster. If the water starts to look cloudy, always test the pool’s chlorine level. In general chlorine levels need to be maintained between one and three parts per million (ppm) and the water should be shocked weekly. This will help to clear out excess contaminates and keep the chlorine working properly.

It’s also important to ensure the water is properly balanced by checking the pool’s pH, total alkalinity (TA), calcium hardness, and total dissolved solids (TDS). If you’re becoming concerned about your water quality, come see us at SurfSide and we’ll test the water for you.

3) Help Your Filter

Pool filters are designed to remove very small particles from water but there’s a limit to what most filters can remove. As smaller debris builds up your the water can become hazy. Water clarifiers are used in this scenario because they’re designed to grab tiny particles and bunch them together so they can be removed by the filter. The more that small particles tare removed, the clearer the your pool water will be. There are several clarity products on the market to help keep water clear and many are all-natural and eco-friendly. If after all of this heavy use you feel that your pool filter needs a hand, come in to see us and we’ll show you the products that we have available.

Following these three simple steps will help you, your family and your friends enjoy your swimming pool throughout the rest of the season.