Have a Safe and Enjoyable Memorial Day

Everyone at SurfSide Pools hopes that you have a very enjoyable Memorial Day weekend with friends and family. And with great weather ahead, we’re sure you’ll be spending much of the weekend having fun in your inground pool with friends and family. In keeping with National Water Safety Month, here are a few tips from the National Water Safety Month website to ensure you have both a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend:

  • Always be present, aware, and closely supervise children when they are near any body of water or pool. Do not swim alone
  • Strengthen your swimming abilities by taking swimming lessons. Knowing how to swim well lowers the risk of accidental drowning
  • Avoid swimming in bodies of water you’re unfamiliar with or where the water depth is not poste
  • Learn CPR and other emergency response skills to help save the lives of those you love
  • Provide a safety life- vest for those who cannot swim or who are weak swimmers.

For more water safety tips and other activities, visit the National Water Safety Month website.